Friday, October 5, 2012

Momma in Uganda

We have kinda been back and forth on this for weeks, but now it is official ...My mom and I are going to Uganda together. We have been hard at work making things to support our trip. I originally planned on going with Melinda and Joanne(Christie's sister and mom), but as God had it, it was not the case.

I received a text one morning saying "I want to go to Africa". It was from my mom. I was ecstatic. Was she serious? I called her right away. I asked "are you sure you want to go?" Her reply, "I have been wanting to go, but now is the time." My heart has longed for this for so long. I am so excited to share this once in a lifetime chance with my mother. We want to go over and teach the women new craft ideas so they can sustain their families. I want her to visit with the families. I want her to feel the love for those people that I do.

This is how you can help.....
Pray for us
Go like my page on Facebook Mission Gold LLC here
Share my links to the albums for the crafts we have been making
Share the link to my blog or
Make a donation of any amount right here on my blog.

She is too excited and I have prayed for this for some time now. Thank you so much for your support