Monday, March 21, 2016

Help Me Get Back Where I Belong

I've been tossing around the idea of going to Uganda but with the new baby coming and me quiting my job this summer to be a stay at home mom it's going to be hard if not impossible to get back anytime soon. I plan on breast feeding for the first year so that makes it even more difficult. If I dont go now, it will be a couple of years before I can. I only have about a month and a half that I can still travel and it is causing me major panic. So I pray.

God knows my heart and He knows how bad I want to go. I miss everyone there so badly and had plans to go the end of the month but funds didn't work out like I had planned. So I am stepping out in faith. As a Young Living distributor, I will use every new sign up I get to go towards this trip. Also if you would like to donate you can through my paypal

This is the link to sign up for Young Living


Wednesday, September 9, 2015

It Always Takes a Piece of Me

I think I died when I finally went to bed Sunday. I have no idea what time, I just know there was plenty of day light left. As I woke my heart sank. No roosters crowing. No homemade brooms sweeping across the yard. No clothes dripping as they dried on the line. There I was in my own comfy bed, surrounded by pillows, and the AC cranked up. Although I was in the comfort of my own home, something inside me stirred.

Don't get me wrong I missed my family, but that place holds a part of me so very dear, my heart. As I boarded the plane Saturday night if felt as though my heart would stop beating. I tried my best to keep it together and for the most part I did, at least on the outside. I feel as though I have lost someone. Everything reminds me of it, but I guess until the red dirt wears off, I will taste the salty tears on my face. Until I see you again my dear friend, I love you, Uganda.


Friday, January 4, 2013

Days like these..

I am going to raise a little awareness today about diabetes  Last night was just a normal night. We went to bed at about 10:00. I dozed off after watching a little bit of a movie. At about 2:30 a.m. I was awoken by jerking in the bed. This is not my first time dealing with this. Matt was pouring sweat. I woke him and asked if his sugar was low, he reply, "no". I thought that since he was answering me maybe he was just having a bad dream. So I laid in bed for a few minutes to see if his jerking continued and it did. I got the blood sugar monitor out and checked his sugar, it was 51.  I tried waking him, but he was getting so aggravated  When his sugar bottoms out, he is out of his mind. He has no idea what he is doing. Just a few weeks ago we had this same little incident but I was able to sweet talk him into drinking a coke and in about 2 minutes he was fine, but this time however was different. I calmly went and fixed him a glass of tea to try to get him to drink it. He was laying on his side so I couldn't pull him up where I could hold a cup up to his mouth. He fussed and fussed as I tried my best to get him up to drink, but he was too hard headed. He kept yelling "I'm not sleepy". I begged, I pleaded, I cried, nothing worked. After about 15 mins. I called 911 because if his sugar got any lower he could go into a coma. They brought officers out because like I said when his sugar drops, he is completely out of his mind. The first time it ever happened I accused him of being on drugs, because when it bottoms out you stagger like a drunk and you talk crazy. They were out in what seemed like hours. I know it was much shorter than that but when you are worried it seems like time stops.

An officer arrived first. He came into our room to try to talk to him, it was of no use. Finally the EMT's got there and when they checked his sugar it had dropped to 48. They couldn't get the gurney in the door so they rolled him onto a sheet and carried him out. They carried him in a sheet in his underwear in the freezing cold. He had no idea what was going on. He was out. After they got him into the ambulance they started an IV glucose. Within minutes his was fine. I was calling everyone I knew to come sit with the kids so I could go to the hospital.  My mother-in-law, Vicky and father-in-law, Sammy came. Sammy stayed at home with the kids, because they were still asleep. Which is amazing since 2 EMT's and 2 officers came through Xavier's room carrying Matt in a sheet. By the time we got to the hospital, he was fine and they were ready to release him. When I left home I didn't even think to bring him some clothes when I headed to the hospital. We ran and got him some clothes and we were home by 4:15 a.m.

I don't know if people know how serious diabetes is. He was fine one minute and headed to the hospital in a ambulance the next. It is a scary thing because since he is young you really don't see the sickness until something like this happens. He was diagnosed with diabetes not long before him and I met and we have been together for over 7 years. He has been in the hospital deathly sick about 3 times. We have had 3 incidents like this since. That don't seem like that much, but when it does happen it is deadly. Sometimes I think we forget that he is sick because you can't see it. Yes, he takes shots twice a day, but that seems like so much part of our life, almost like brushing your teeth.  But it is days like today, that I remember and it scares the hell out of me. It is days like this that makes me wonder, how long will we have him here? He is so young, but so sick and you don't realize it until days like these. I need you to pray for him. Pray that he can get his sugar under control. Pray that we can remember that everyday he is sick, and not just days like this.


Friday, October 5, 2012

Momma in Uganda

We have kinda been back and forth on this for weeks, but now it is official ...My mom and I are going to Uganda together. We have been hard at work making things to support our trip. I originally planned on going with Melinda and Joanne(Christie's sister and mom), but as God had it, it was not the case.

I received a text one morning saying "I want to go to Africa". It was from my mom. I was ecstatic. Was she serious? I called her right away. I asked "are you sure you want to go?" Her reply, "I have been wanting to go, but now is the time." My heart has longed for this for so long. I am so excited to share this once in a lifetime chance with my mother. We want to go over and teach the women new craft ideas so they can sustain their families. I want her to visit with the families. I want her to feel the love for those people that I do.

This is how you can help.....
Pray for us
Go like my page on Facebook Mission Gold LLC here
Share my links to the albums for the crafts we have been making
Share the link to my blog or
Make a donation of any amount right here on my blog.

She is too excited and I have prayed for this for some time now. Thank you so much for your support

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Keep you eyes on Him...

This morning I was headed to work and I saw a bunch of dogs in a fence all looking one way. I slowed and stared toward whatever they were staring at. I saw nothing. As I passed I looked in my rear view mirror to see it I could catch a glimpse of what it was they were looking at. While looking back I notice other cars slowing to see what it was the dogs were looking at. The whole time the dogs never stopped staring. Nothing distracted them in what they had their glare on.

At that moment I thought, "I want to be like that". I want to have my eyes focused so hard on God I see nothing else. I want people to see me so focused that they what to see what I see. I don't want to be distracted and I fall so short of that. Thank you God for the reminder today. Keep your eyes on Him. Don't let this world and it's brokenness distract you from God.


Friday, August 3, 2012

Jesus, friend of sinners

I know it has been a while since I sat down and blogged about what God is doing in my life.  After I got home from Uganda, I had so much emotion going on. I reacted the same last time I went. I just shut down. I tried to shut my thoughts off from the place that I love so much. I never wanted to leave Uganda. If I could get my family to move to Uganda, I would do it in a heart beat. I get back to America only to hear of others complaining about this or that. About things we don't have, when we have too much. Everyone wanted to see pictures of my trip, but it was just too painful to go through them all. I posted a few on facebook and much later posted more. Just last week I was able to show my brother a video of the choir. When I opened the videos on my computer, I saw all the videos I had taken while I was there and a river of emotions rushed over me. After he left I cried. I watched each video and recalled the joy. I didn't cry because of the condition they live. I didn't cry because they are hungry. I cried because I miss them. I miss the joy, the humbleness. Here I feel like those things are artificial.

We can't be happy with nothingness. We can't be happy with everything. I am so sick of all this judging one another, all of this hate out in the public. "We hate homosexual" or "we hate our government". What in the world is wrong with this picture? The problem is lack of Jesus. Could you ever imagine Jesus standing on a corner with a sign stating how he hated Obama or homosexuals? We may be a rich country but we are sure poor in spirit. We need to love our brothers and sisters. All these people saying "you need to help people in your own country". Yes, you are very right. We do need help in our country, but in another sense. We need to love each other for who they are, and not what we think they should be. We need to reach out our hands and hearts to the broken. We need to show the love of Jesus. Jesus is a friend of sinners. Our churches should welcome the homeless, the drug addicts, the homosexuals. We need not judge them. For there is only one true Judge.


Wednesday, February 8, 2012

My last day here

Day 19 in Uganda
This is my last day in Uganda. My heart is broken. I tried to make the best of my day. For lunch I had mashed potatoes and George wanted to show me how to cook an African meal. I made chapati while he cooked chicken soup. He started cleaning and before he was done, he had pulled out the refrigerator, stove, cleaned under the sink (which by the way has no running water). Betty and George pulled out all the plastic bins and washed them. They mopped the floor by hand (they don’t use mops or brooms here). Later we passed out clothes and sponsorship packages. It was total chaos. We passed out about 150 outfits. We targeted the kids that have never gotten anything first. We ran out of 5T and up on boys. We had so many shirts for girls but no bottoms. They need long shorts or skirts. Most of the shorts or skirts for girls were too short and the parents will not allow them to wear them.

I went for my last walk in the village. I saw a baby with a badly deformed foot, so I took a picture to see if we could get help for him. I went and visited with Norah, Joviah, and Elijah’s mom. I told Joviah I would come see her but she was gone to purchase something for her mom. So I went on down to Mastulah’s house. On the way I ran into Joviah. She gave what she had gotten for her mom to her brother Reagan and her little sister Norah (she has two sisters named Norah). She walked with me down to Mastulah’s. I let her use my camera to take some pictures. We saw one of her older brothers, Moses. He was walking home from school. He went down to Mastulah’s with us too. Mastulah and her siblings were across the road at their neighbors’ house. She came running and so did the rest. I hugged her and told her I was leaving, but I would be back. 

Then we headed back toward Joviah’s house. I saw Margaret (my sponsored child) and Kasim tearing a jackfruit up. I stopped and got their picture. They didn’t miss a lick. Joviah told me she was gonna cry when I left. I told her not to cry because I would too. So she said she was not going to cry. I stopped by her mom’s and told all the kids I loved them and would see them soon. Her mom was sitting out on the lawn with one of her friends and I got their picture. I told her bye and I love her and I will miss them terribly. Joviah had to fetch water so I carried her jerrycans back with me while she used my camera to take pictures. Norah followed. I was playing with her telling her to run. We saw a couple with a baby. The lady said she had never seen me before and waited to take a picture with me. I told her I was leaving and she said “Please stay.” I told her I had a family in the States but I would be back soon. I told her I loved it here and I didn’t want to leave myself. I got back home before it was dark. I took a bath.

I sat down and enjoyed the meal George prepared. I didn’t get to eat it earlier because of everything that was going on. I wanted to check on Norah because she was sick with Malaria yesterday. She was better and at school. I finished packing my things and got them put in the van. I had my last fresh pineapple. Then they brought me some tea, the last of my raw milk until I can come back which I hope is very soon. Christie and I went to my room and she worked on the sponsorships. Then the power went off. We are sweating like we are sitting in a sauna. The only light is the backlight of the computer. We got to laughing so hard we were snorting like pigs. I went and hugged the boys and told them I love them. I hugged the girls too. Betty, one of my new best friends, is here too. I know I didn’t get to say goodbye to a lot of people I wanted to including Moses, but I won’t be gone for long and next time I am bringing the family. Now Ritah is in the bed with me. Soon as she got in here she was asleep. I am gonna miss these kids. Now we are sitting here talking about praying to God to cut this power back on. If He smelled me right now he just might. lol