Wednesday, September 9, 2015

It Always Takes a Piece of Me

I think I died when I finally went to bed Sunday. I have no idea what time, I just know there was plenty of day light left. As I woke my heart sank. No roosters crowing. No homemade brooms sweeping across the yard. No clothes dripping as they dried on the line. There I was in my own comfy bed, surrounded by pillows, and the AC cranked up. Although I was in the comfort of my own home, something inside me stirred.

Don't get me wrong I missed my family, but that place holds a part of me so very dear, my heart. As I boarded the plane Saturday night if felt as though my heart would stop beating. I tried my best to keep it together and for the most part I did, at least on the outside. I feel as though I have lost someone. Everything reminds me of it, but I guess until the red dirt wears off, I will taste the salty tears on my face. Until I see you again my dear friend, I love you, Uganda.