Wednesday, February 8, 2012

My last day here

Day 19 in Uganda
This is my last day in Uganda. My heart is broken. I tried to make the best of my day. For lunch I had mashed potatoes and George wanted to show me how to cook an African meal. I made chapati while he cooked chicken soup. He started cleaning and before he was done, he had pulled out the refrigerator, stove, cleaned under the sink (which by the way has no running water). Betty and George pulled out all the plastic bins and washed them. They mopped the floor by hand (they don’t use mops or brooms here). Later we passed out clothes and sponsorship packages. It was total chaos. We passed out about 150 outfits. We targeted the kids that have never gotten anything first. We ran out of 5T and up on boys. We had so many shirts for girls but no bottoms. They need long shorts or skirts. Most of the shorts or skirts for girls were too short and the parents will not allow them to wear them.

I went for my last walk in the village. I saw a baby with a badly deformed foot, so I took a picture to see if we could get help for him. I went and visited with Norah, Joviah, and Elijah’s mom. I told Joviah I would come see her but she was gone to purchase something for her mom. So I went on down to Mastulah’s house. On the way I ran into Joviah. She gave what she had gotten for her mom to her brother Reagan and her little sister Norah (she has two sisters named Norah). She walked with me down to Mastulah’s. I let her use my camera to take some pictures. We saw one of her older brothers, Moses. He was walking home from school. He went down to Mastulah’s with us too. Mastulah and her siblings were across the road at their neighbors’ house. She came running and so did the rest. I hugged her and told her I was leaving, but I would be back. 

Then we headed back toward Joviah’s house. I saw Margaret (my sponsored child) and Kasim tearing a jackfruit up. I stopped and got their picture. They didn’t miss a lick. Joviah told me she was gonna cry when I left. I told her not to cry because I would too. So she said she was not going to cry. I stopped by her mom’s and told all the kids I loved them and would see them soon. Her mom was sitting out on the lawn with one of her friends and I got their picture. I told her bye and I love her and I will miss them terribly. Joviah had to fetch water so I carried her jerrycans back with me while she used my camera to take pictures. Norah followed. I was playing with her telling her to run. We saw a couple with a baby. The lady said she had never seen me before and waited to take a picture with me. I told her I was leaving and she said “Please stay.” I told her I had a family in the States but I would be back soon. I told her I loved it here and I didn’t want to leave myself. I got back home before it was dark. I took a bath.

I sat down and enjoyed the meal George prepared. I didn’t get to eat it earlier because of everything that was going on. I wanted to check on Norah because she was sick with Malaria yesterday. She was better and at school. I finished packing my things and got them put in the van. I had my last fresh pineapple. Then they brought me some tea, the last of my raw milk until I can come back which I hope is very soon. Christie and I went to my room and she worked on the sponsorships. Then the power went off. We are sweating like we are sitting in a sauna. The only light is the backlight of the computer. We got to laughing so hard we were snorting like pigs. I went and hugged the boys and told them I love them. I hugged the girls too. Betty, one of my new best friends, is here too. I know I didn’t get to say goodbye to a lot of people I wanted to including Moses, but I won’t be gone for long and next time I am bringing the family. Now Ritah is in the bed with me. Soon as she got in here she was asleep. I am gonna miss these kids. Now we are sitting here talking about praying to God to cut this power back on. If He smelled me right now he just might. lol


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  1. I was thinking about you all day today and wondering how you were. I will help you get back again, keep faith, God wants you there, you will ALL be there as a family. Praying for you! xo