Saturday, January 29, 2011

God Answers Prayer

I was on the brink of a break down on Thursday. I heard bad news all around. I had such a bad day. Everywhere I looked the devil was around the corner trying to test my faith. I was tired. I hadn't been on the computer much because of other things going on in my life. I would get on to share Christie Cotney's link and check on her and what was going on in the village, but I hadn't been on much. I prayed for the things going on in my life and I prayed about the poor people of Bugabo Village, Uganda and how they didn't have any water, not even the dirty water, because it was drying up. Yes my problems were bad, but nothing compared to what they endure on a daily basis. I talked to God all through the day (like I always do) and I got on the computer at work close to closing time Thursday and saw the most awesome post on facebook ever, "
"George had someone come and survey the land for the borehole yesterday. I already told you all that he said once we hit $2000, we start drilling. He has childlike faith. So Tuesday, they are coming to see how far into the ground they hav...e to dig for the water and where the rocks are (risks to their equipment). And Saturday they are starting to drill. We only have like $1500 plus the $500 on Lacy's blog meter. So I got sick yesterday. Running stomach and no water. And I got dehydrated. I spent the day in bed today. And I prayed. Lord, this isn't a child's education we're talking about. This isn't monthly support for me so that I can eat. This isn't a bed for someone to sleep comfortably in. And as horrible as this is, it's not helping Charles as He lies in that filthy ward in the government hospital. This is water. I remember when I was in like 3rd grade and we learned the 3 basic needs: food, clothing & shelter. Seriously, those are NEEDS. You can live without food. This is so much more. We NEED water."And I just lay there. Not wanting to go hang out in the pit latrine because I know what a "running stomach" results in - water that leaves the body. And I know what I felt guilty replacing it with - water that no one else has in this village. I fought it all day long. Trying to put myself in the shoes of the people I'm here to serve almost took me out today. Now tonight, I'm sitting in the dark. Just swallowed my pride and put another data plan on the computer because if I don't keep spreading the word, we can't get help. And I felt bad about the $45 I just spent that I don't have. But I was clinging to something He told me today. I KNEW something BIG was going to happen. And I told one of you, just can't remember who it was. It was SO BIG that I thought my "running stomach" wouldn't make it in time to wake up George to go be my security outside. SO BIG that when I woke him up enough to whisper in his ear "someone just emptied their savings and is funding the rest of the borehole" he said, "I don't think I'm awake. First hold on and let me try this again." Something SO BIG that I can't even breathe right now. Something SO BIG that it could only be from God." -Christie Cotney
 If I do say so myself I believe the devil was just snuffed out. My bad day was made one of the best days of my life. He answered mine and many other's prayers. For those of you who don't believe in prayer, He listens. He hears every little word you say, you just have to believe it will happen, but all in His good time. And here is a prime example.

Thanks to a wonderful someone, who emptied out her savings, Bugabo Village won't have to drink this water anymore. God tugged at her heart like He has so many others.  Go to Christie Cotney's Blog  and read  her beautiful walk with God.


  1. AMEN!!!! that same day I was one also praying desperately and trying to seek ways to help get water,then saw this post!!! so many of us had been praying that day!!! Satan didn't have a chance!!! Bugabo is getting clean water!!!! Praise God!!

  2. Ya know....Wednesday was one of "those days" for me...those days where the devil attacks every single angle he can... I didn't get on facebook much that day but I prayed my heart out! I know that when I am down to nothing..God is up to something BIG..I just didn't know it was THIS big! Thank you God for hearing our prayers! Thank you to the angel who listened to God and gave sacrificialy! Thank you George and Christy for your servant hearts! Thanks you to all the prayer warriors who keep in constant prayer for Bugabo!

  3. It has been crazy chaotic around here lately (darn Satan!) I have only had a minute or two here and there to get online. Today was the first time I had a chance to read Christie's post about how the borehole donation transpired...and it moved me to tears! So glad there are so many hearts joined in support of the work going on in Bugabo!