Saturday, January 28, 2012

Laying foundation

Day 9 in Uganda
This morning the community started clearing and digging for the foundation. I walked down to get some pictures and videos. The sun was beaming hot. I worked my way around to get pictures of everything that was going on. Momma Nabakalu came to get me for tea. As I walked back my stomach felt sour. The heat had already gotten to me. I came back inside and had some bread and tea. A lady came up to speak with us. She had a 3 month old baby boy with her. We gave her a diaper and and showed her how to use it. We put him a new outfit on and I held him for a while. When he started to cry, Christie noticed he had blisters in his mouth. We asked George about them and he said that were normal for black babies. I finished my book Billy last night, so today I started another book by Tom Davis called Scared. Later we decided to do bookkeeping. The internet was down so we decided to take a nap until it came back on.

When we woke, we had company. Their names were Paul, Michael and Rodger. They are from different parts of Uganda.They had lunch with us and we chatted for a while. Christie told them about how the borehole was funded. She told them about the clinic and how it became so important to the people here. After lunch we all went up to see the choir perform. They were awesome as aways. When the choir finished the visitors were blown away with how well they performed. Paul said they were ready to tour the world. He gave them all some money so they could have a soda. Sodas are big treats around here. Some kids have never even had one. Children here enjoy just the small things we all take for granted. We took some pictures with our visitors and they were on their way back home. George and Christie decided they were gonna give the choir a big treat. They all are going to the pool tomorrow. They literally jumped for joy. They were so excited. 

Christie told them all to load up and we would take them home. We drove Ali (my sponsored child & one of George’s and Christie’s sons) to his biological mom’s home so he could visit with her. As we drove we saw the most beautiful sunset. Some kids were playing soccer. In some places the roads were almost impossible to drive down, but the van made it with no problem. We went through a small town. When we arrived at Ali’s mom’s home, she was not there. They told us she was in town. So we all loaded back up and headed for the town. We turned down a very small road and sure enough she was there. We all unloaded to go visit with her and one of the girls making straw mats wanted us to take her picture.  Tom went to get our cameras and as soon as Christie took a picture of the girl and showed it to her, everyone wanted their pictures taken.  They were all so excited to see themselves in the viewfinders on our cameras. It was getting dark so we took Momma Ali home and headed back home. The children sang all the way home. As we rode the bumpy dirt roads, the children sang in harmony. It was beautiful. I sure am gonna miss this place when I go back home. My heart will always be here. 



  1. I also read "Scared" when I was at Christie's...It's an awesome book! I love all the pictures, Stormy. Makes me really miss the village though. :)

  2. I can certainly read your love in your words! I know you are a blessing to George and Christie even as you are being blessed! Thanks for loving well!