Friday, January 27, 2012

Mastula loves Matt

Day 8 in Uganda
This morning Mbode was feeling much better. Christie and I let her and her sister Nabakalu pick out new outfits from the clothes that were bought from the clearance racks/donated. As soon as they were “looking smart” (dressed nicely), Momma Nabukalu made them take the outfits off because she said they were for Church.  We were sitting here in my room and I heard a loud commotion in girls’ room. I looked over and saw something was moving behind a tote. I kept staring and it looked like a tiny foot came up. Christie was terrified because of her close encounter with a rat last night. She kept asking, “What? What?” I got closer and it was a hen that had gotten into the house. We laughed so hard and I took a couple of shots before she got out the front door. Momma Nabakalu made us fresh mashed potatoes for lunch. 

While Christie was working on my blog pictures and videos, I went up to the church where the ladies were plaiting the girls hair. I got Grace to ask them if they would braid my hair when they got time. So one of the ladies agreed to do my hair. I came back down to the house until she was ready for me. I told Christie what I was doing. She decided to come with me. It was not long before they came after me. Christie and I headed back to the church. The lady that agreed to do my hair wanted me to sit in the chair, but all the other girls that were getting their hair done sat on the floor. So I told her to sit in the chair and I would sit in the floor. People here are so generous. They will give up the last thing they have to give to you. I could tell the lady was struggling with my hair. She tried first to do the small braids. Then she tried a french braid. 

While she was braiding it, Christie told me that she spoke Swahili and French as well as Luganda.  Then she told me that she gave her life to Christ 3 weeks ago.  She was sharing her testimony at church and said that her son cried and cried and she didn’t know what to do.  She felt he must be possessed so she took him to the witch doctor (very common here for non-believers) and it didn’t help.  She then came to church and was so moved by the message that she gave her life to Christ.  She said that right after doing so, she saw demons leaving her son and that he hasn’t cried since.  What a testimony!  She got it complete and was not satisfied with the results. Another lady came over and tried. They said I had too much hair. She braided my hair with three braids going down the back of my head. I was happy just to get my bangs out of my face. While she worked on my hair, we watched the choir practice a routine I haven’t seen yet - playing wooden instruments. 

We went back home when it was time for the choir to eat. We cooked Mac & Cheese on the charcoal outside, because the mashed potatoes were gone from our stomachs by that time. We came inside for a while and I read some more of the book Billy. I have almost finished. Christie says it sounds like I am in a relationship with the guy Templeton in the book because I keep saying I am so mad at him. I talk to the book like it is a person. It is so neat to learn about Billy Graham before he became really famous. And about how his faith was almost lost. But you will have to read the book to find out more. I smelled cooking right outside my window. So I peeped out and Wilson and Momma Nabakalu were cooking chapati. I went outside so I could learn how to cook it. Chapati was one of Matt’s and my favorites the last time we visited. 
Around 6pm Christie and I went on a walk. As we walked up the compound we met with George. He said we needed a guide to go with us since we were “going in the jungle”, so he appointed Ivan Jjemba. This kid told us about everything we came in contact with. I loved it. I felt like I was on a tour. He showed us local herbal medicines for cough and fever. We stopped at a corn field and the sun was setting right behind it. Beautiful. He showed us some sweet potatoes that someone had planted and he uncovered one to show us. There was a chicken that was standing with only one leg. I couldn’t believe the thing only had one leg.  I said, “See that is hope, but someone needs to put it out of its misery and eat it.”  Right when I said that, the chicken put its leg down. Guess he didn’t want to get eaten today. 

He took us on a small trail in the jungle. We rounded a corner and I heard something that sounded like the growl of a tiger or big cat. Ivan kept walking and so did I. I didn’t want to act afraid because he was not afraid. When we got a little further he said, “Don’t mind the pig.” Bahahaha!  It was a pig, not a big cat. Ivan took us to where he lives. He lives in a small mud house. There was beautiful flowers in his yard. We got back on the main trail and saw the most beautiful landscape. You could look out into the rolling mountains. The place is so full of green, even though it hasn’t seen rain in a while. I could call this place home. Maybe one day God will allow me to bring my family here to serve, but until then I will pray. The further we walked the sun started to set. I got a beautiful picture and we continued on. 

We saw the kids that came the other day to get water and we gave them clothes. We came upon Mastula and Ali’s father’s home. He is the security guard here on the compound at night. We snuck around the back so we could surprise the kids. As soon as they saw us they came running. The grandmother was making beautiful baskets in the front yard. I told her I wanted to buy one to take back to the States with me. There were several children around her, so Christie asked which ones were her grandchildren. She said, “All of them.” We took a picture of her and all of her grandchildren. 

Then I looked for Mastula but I didn’t see her. I asked where she was and not 2 minutes later she came running. She held onto me with all her might. She wrapped her little arm around my side. I kissed her and told her, “Yesu Akwagala” (Jesus loves you) in Luganda. She ran off into the house. She came running out with her doll that Katie Lawson (her sponsor) gave her. Mastula held onto her doll with so much pride and wrapped her arm back around me. Oh how I love this girl! She is so special to Matt and me. 

Christie took this video for Matt:

My eyes welled up with tears. I wish he was here. We said our goodbyes and headed home. It was getting dark. There were two kids standing on the side of the road. Christie stopped to take and picture and the little one starting crying like she was killing him. I couldn’t understand what he was saying but I am sure it was something like this, “Please help me these crazy white people are trying to get me.” We laughed and showed the little guy his picture. 

He still wasn’t satisfied. More kids sat on a hill awaiting us. They were all laughing. I stopped to take their pictures. One whispered to the little one and he said, “Please let me go home with you.” I am not sure what he meant, but I assumed he just wanted to walk with us. It became very dark. The kids here walk at all times of the day. There was one pushing a bicycle tire down the road with a stick. Christie got a cool shot of my silhouette against the really blue, starry sky.  The homes that had power had only one light in the whole house. Others had fires going outside so they could cook. This place is always alive. People are always doing things. 

We finally got home and the power was on. I sat on the porch for a minute and admired the stars. The stars seem brighter here. You can see them all across the night sky. I went inside and took a look at my feet. I said to George, “Look! I am turning Ugandan.” My feet were covered in dirt. He told me to get a bath. Christie and I always laugh at our feet when we get back from our walks. I think my feet will be red forever. And I’m OK with that.  I got a bath and ate my supper. George went in my room and helped the girls with their reading. The house is full again - 16 people!  I wonder what bug will harass us tonight!



  1. You tell Mastula.. I love her too. Does she still have my bracelet? I love you. Good Bloggin'

  2. I love the picture of your silhouette. It's beautiful! I can't wait to be there!