Tuesday, January 31, 2012

He can make beauty out of something ugly

Day 12 in Uganda

This morning when the kids took their first break from school, I sat on the porch and talked with them. I saw my sponsored child, Gideon, getting water. I took a picture of him. I saw Mastula headed for some porridge, so I took her picture also. I learned a lot more of the children’s names today. They all lined up at the borehole for water. Thank God for clean drinking water. These children can at least get clean water while they are at school.

During lunch, I saw the kids start to line up for lunch. I went around to the kitchen and asked if I could help. There are over 250 students here and lunch time is hectic. I started handing bowls out to the cook to scoop posho and beans. The bowls ran out quick. So I went over to the dishwashing station and got some clean ones. They also ran out quickly. Then I helped the little girl washing them rinse them with water. And by the end I was washing them. I had never seen kids fight over rinsing dishes. I had to make them all take turns. I must have washed the same bowls 15 times because they don’t have enough for everyone. The kids had to stand in line until others bring their’s to be washed. The bowls were so worn out. I can tell they were well used. This was one of the reason sponsorship had to go up. Because last year a budget for dishes were never taken into consideration. Neither were pots and pans. There was a lot that Christie and George didn’t take into consideration when it came to their budget for the school. It was the first time they have ever done sponsorships. They wanted to aim low on the pricing for sponsorships, but when they went through a year and seen what they didn’t add in the budge, they found themselves paying for things out of their own pockets. Plus everything here had gone up in price. I had so much fun washing dishes with these little blessings. God has blessed me beyond words. I never thought it would be a blessing to wash dishes. I was washing them as fast as they came. I kissed the heads of the children as they passed and told them Jesus loves them and so did I.

Later I sat on the porch when the kids got out of school. A lot of them came to sit on the porch with me. I started taking pictures. By the time I was finished I was surrounded by about fifty kids. They love to see themselves on camera. Moses came home today for a little while and he had some g-nuts that needed shelling. I had to tell him to tell the children to let me up. I literally couldn’t move. We all sat out on the grass and shelled g-nuts. It amazes me how all the children almost broke their necks to help out. Joviah sat out with us and taught me some Luganda. She told me how to ask for a hug and then she asked me for one. My heart melted. She held on to me so tight and said she loved me. I didn't want to let her go and neither did she. I could have floated off the ground. Then Mbode asked for a hug. Oh my goodness. These kids are my heart and I am going to be so sad to live them.  After we shelled all the nuts, Moses and I took a walk.

When Matt and I had our wedding ceremony here, they had a dance contest between the kids. Charles won the contest and we gave him 10,000 shillings. I was broken when Christie posted how badly he wanted a sponsorship package before we came here. So I was so happy when he won that contest. Today he remembered who I was. He remembered that I had came to his home and he asked if I would come back. So Moses and I walked him and his little brother home. 

We stopped by the house of the new teacher that Christie and I brought to meet George. I saw a pink chicken and I am not even kidding. These place never ceases to amaze me. There were some crazy drunk men that were yelling at us. They wanted Moses to take their picture. A truck was came down the narrow dirt road so we ran and got into someone’s yard before we were plowed over or covered in red dust. They had a black and white calf, so I got closer to take a picture. I have always loved black and white cows. I see some baby piglets. I got closer so I could get a good shot. They were so little and cute. I just wanted to hold one of them. Moses showed me how to call them and they came running, but every time I barely moved they ran back. Finally they got so close I touched one of their noses. 

I looked up and their were graves in the back yard. It made me sad. I know people die, but more often here than I can get use to. Moses says let's go before you cry. I collected myself and told him it was alright. The lady that lived in the house remembered me from the wedding ceremony. I sat with her and Moses took a picture of the two of us. She was so happy. We walked back down the road toward the house. I saw a women and a man carrying bricks. The lady had about 5 of them on her head. The man was carrying some on a bike. Then I saw a tiny boy chopping fire wood. We walked down to Mastula’s. I love that family. Jajja(grandmother) Mastula was still sitting on the ground making baskets. She had only made one since we saw her last. Heart breaking. I gave the kids some love and tell them I love them. I hugged Mastula and kissed her little head, then we headed home. I saw another beautiful sun set, but they never get old. A kid was pulling another kid around in a jerry can that had busted out on one side. Their own little make shift wagon. There was a tree covered in thorns with the most beautiful flowers. God’s way of saying He can make beauty out of something ugly. Reminded me of my life. Closer to home we saw a fallen birds nest. I thought of how much work had been put into it and now it had fallen. Reminded me of the lives of some others. As we get on the compound, I see the start of the P5 building. It is only going to be a floor and roof until they can get the funds to finish building. I got in the house so I could take a bath. My feet were filthy. After, Moses showed me how to cook another African meal. We sat outside by the charcoal cooker and ate the g-nuts we shelled early. This is the life. Simple. Our meal was finished and it was delicious. 


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  1. When Amber saw the pink chicken she said "maybe it was out in the sun too long". ... :)