Saturday, February 4, 2012

Help put shoes on His children

Day 13 in Uganda
We got out the shoes they make here in the village and started putting laces in them. As soon as they are ready they will be put on the feet of some of the kids in the village. The only problem is a pair has not been sponsored for every kid here. There aren’t even enough to put on all the kids that go to school. If you would like to sponsor a pair of shoes go to  This is a great way for the people here in the village to sustain themselves, but without funding it is a lost cause.

Last night was my first time driving here. I drove Betty home and one of Viola and Ritah’s sister. I drove very slowly since the dirt roads here are awful. Birds that sit and wait until you get right up on them would fly as soon as the headlights blinded them. I was a little nervous since the seat is on the opposite side than I am used too. The van is a manual but the shifter is still the same direction as when you are in the States. So it is really backwards. Thank God we made it back in one piece. Ha Ha. Didn’t do much more. I was dealing with some stuff back home that had me a little down, but I just have to keep my eyes on Him. Give Him the glory. He always makes a bad situation that we don’t understand into something glorious. So Christie and I stayed in my room laughing all day.

Day 14 in Uganda
Today Christie, George and I got up early to head into town. We stopped at a store to get gas and water. Good thing we did. Christie took a picture as we sat in the parking lot of the beautiful view from where we were parked. When we got where we were going first, the sun was blazing down. We purchased merchandise to sale to raise funds for the clinic and many other needs. I got my kids some surprises. They are gonna be so happy. It was so hot. I think we got a little dehydrated. My body became weak. I was exhausted. When I got home I was still shaking. Christie and I got sick because we drank too much too fast. We went to the Embassy to see what was needed for the choir to travel to the USA. We had lunch Good African Coffee. We met with one of the new teachers for George and Christie’s school, Harvest Christian Academy.  I don’t think he had ever been in a place like that. He was looking around all wide eyed. We just don’t realize the things we take for granted. Afterwards we went to the grocery store to get some things that I wanted to take back, like spices and tea. On the long journey back we stopped to get some water. I was so hot. My body was drained. 
When I got home my back was sunburned. We weren’t even in the sun that long. After arriving home we took pictures of all the merchandise while the kids all watched. You would have thought we were giving out candy. Anytime they catch us outside they surround us. Then the little girl I saw the other day (the one I talked about in my last blog post) came up riding with her daddy on a motorcycle. She was on the front holding on to the handle bars. Christie got all the pictures and they look fantastic. Go shopping. Share the links. All proceeds go to God’s work here in the village. We are going to move it to the Ekubo Ministries Facebook page. Then she went to bed when the power went off. I prayed for it to come back on. Just enough so I could talk to my husband before I went to bed. And you know what? God answered my prayer. So glad I got to chat with my sweet husband before I dosed off. God is so good to me. He gave me a wonderful family at home and gave me one here. I am truly one blessed woman. Amina.


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  1. It was great talking to you to. I love you.. Can't wait for you to get home. And the kids can't wait neither.